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Earn your Ph.D. Program at Pins & Needles!

Need to complete your PROJECTS HALF DONE?

Enroll in our Pins & Needles exclusive Ph.D Program and earn the most valuable "degree" in Eastern TN along with goodies and rewards at your favorite quilt shop!

How does it work?

Enroll at the shop, or enroll online here. No resumes, transcripts or letters of recommendation necessary! $20.00 is the cost for the calendar year, which you will GET BACK... (Read on)

Register a Project (Two Steps)

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to tell us about your Ph.D (Project Half Done), aka UFO (Unfinished Object) or WIP (Work In Progress). Complete the online form or print one & bring it in to the shop. Tell us your name, a short description of your project and any other additional comments. Then you will need to Pay for your PhD

Complete your Project

Finish your project within 60 days. You may submit your project starting one week after the initial registration, and may work on projects up to 60 days after registration. 


Show us your project when it's "Phinally" Done. Return within the deadline period with a completed project* and give us your "dissertation". During the dissertation the P&N Staff will snap a picture of your project and it to your "transcript", our community booklet that can be viewed by others for inspiration. 

Earn Rewards

Once you complete your project, you will receive your "degree" in the form of a $5.00 gift certificate for Pins & Needles for each of the 4 projects, and a 10% off coupon for edge to edge quilting services for that project. Candidates who complete 4 projects will earn FREE Fabric Tote Bag! Limit 4 PhD's per year

Need Help? 

Come in for our FREE Support Group and work on your projects with other quilters! Fridays 11am-4:00pm

*"Completed" means a completed quilt top or other non-quilted project such as a handbag or table runner etc. It doesn't have to be quilted. 

Fine Print
Some half done projects may not be appropriate, this is strictly limited to fabric sewing projects. For example if you finish knitting your son's socks or finish a scrapbook you have been working on since the kids were in grade school but you are quickly now preparing for your first grandchild or organizing your stash! Those won't count.. wink...wink.

Ph.D. Program Project Info