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We are a From Marti & Me Tool Club Quilt Shop!

We feature Marti Michell tools in this series of classes because they are unique in the industry. The combination of templates, books and patterns makes it possible for our quilters to quickly achieve perfect patchwork quilts. Marti Michell won the Best New Product Awards with their first set of templates. Since then they have created new template sets each year – They now offer Sets A through S. Did you know that we have Marti to thank for the use of a rotary cutter in quilting or that we have bed size batting options because of her? She is a QUILT ROCK STAR!

They have also added several pattern-specific sets, such as Drunkard's Path and Giant Dahlia, and one patch designs like Tumbler, Windmill and Apple Core. We introduce and cover the many uses of Marti Michell's tools in this class. We also offer a variety of books and patterns so you can make perfect patchwork quilts in a variety of favorite designs.

The Marti and Me Tool Club
Club fee: $35.00 for 6 months,
Meets on the second Friday of the month - Morning & Evening Meetings.

Each month you will get a free pattern (valued at $9.99) EXCLUSIVE TO ONLY MARTI & ME CLUB SHOPS, and learn tips and techniques to bring your quilting skills up a notch! 10% discount for club members today. Bring your machine and stay to work on the project during our morning session.

If you love new quilting tools, this is the place to be! On the second Friday of every month, from 10am-12pm, or 5pm-7pm, our "Grand Ruler", will give a lecture demo on the latest tools from Marti Michell.

Meet Marti! She is my QUILTING IDOL & I bet she will be yours! Just watch a couple of these videos & you'll be hooked too!