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100% Cotton, Adjustable Face Mask. Comes with one replaceable 5 layer Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter. 2 layers of fabric plus 5 layer activated carbon charcoal filter, gives you 7 layers of protection. REFILLS AVAILABLE.  Adjusts at the ears, nose and chin for a snug, no gap, comfort fit. Fabric choices are themed, so that if you have to wear one.. at least you can be styling! Wholesale Available The mask itself is machine washable and should last years.

The elastic ear pieces can be replaced with ribbon, shoe laces or more elastic.

The filters are 5 layers with activated carbon. Personal judgement must be used for standards of personal hygiene. The Activated Carbon filter is a very important filter in purifier systems, but it can only last for a short time. Typical Activated carbon filter can only last between two and four weeks, then you need to launder before using it again. The Activated Carbon filter needs to be changed every few month to be efficient. This is because of the adsorption process that increasingly fill up the pollutants inside the activated carbon bed. Once the bed is saturated, the filter can no longer be capable of taking in more pollutants.

Can Activated Carbon be reused? The simple answer is yes, because of the porous nature of activated carbon. However, you can only reuse the Activated Carbon filter two to the maximum of three times, then you must replace the carbon filter so it can work against the smoke, odors and chemicals.

How to clean my filter:

If you have a sanitizer setting on your laundry machine use that. If not, Soak the filter in hot (just short of boiling water) in a pot of water on the stove for 3 minutes. Then toss in the laundry machine. DO NOT use fabric softener! Discard if used.

Machine dry on low heat and then set in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours before use.


I went to the store & couldn’t find an R95 rated mask in sight. Online prices were going higher by the hour. So out of necessity to protect those high risk friends/family we love, we did research to design a mask that offers the best secondary home made protection for not only our family but, yours as well. However.. this is the disclaimer part.   This face mask has not been inspected or tested by any health professionals in any way. This is a use at your own risk, home made product. So, if you get or give the sniffles or any other illness, we can not be held responsible/liable.  For each sale, we are able to donate a mask to a high risk patient and/or medical professional.



Our goal is to have your package in the post within 72 hours. 

Some Love from the Bible: I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears- Psalm 34:4